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Google Eyes the Enterprise Market with Latest Acquisition

by Jacob Kleinman | May 19, 2014May 19, 2014 11:30 am PST

divide android

Google is taking a clear step into the enterprise market with its latest acquisition of Divide, a startup focused on Android in the workplace. The small company, which previously called itself Enterproid, announced the news today, though the specific terms of the deal were not revealed.

Divide’s employees will join the Android team at Google, though the smaller company says its stand-alone service will continue to run as usual. Like Samsung’s KNOX and several other competing services, Divide lets you separate work and personal data on your personal smartphone, while allowing your employer to manage that work-related “container” remotely.

The move could signal increasing efforts from Google to get its mobile OS into the workplace where BlackBerry traditionally dominates. Android is also struggling to keep up with the iPhone when it comes to enterprise adoption since Apple’s walled-off ecosystem is generally considered to be more secure than Google’s open OS. Several companies have stepped in to solve this problem, though it looks like the search giant may be ready to handle the issue itself moving forward.

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Jacob Kleinman

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