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Is This The Galaxy S5 Prime?

by Todd Haselton | May 19, 2014May 19, 2014 9:00 am PST

We were treated to the first “real” Galaxy S5 Prime photos over the weekend and now we’re getting an even closer look at the rumored device. TK Tech News recently published a video of what it says is a legitimate Galaxy S5 prototype. No, this isn’t the sort of non-working dummy device that we’ve seen populate dozens of iPhone 6 rumors, this device turns on and is completely usable.

TK Tech News admits that this might not be the final design, even though it looks rather complete, and says that it’s indeed thicker than the Galaxy S5. Part of the added thickness is due to a “more robust” seal that runs all around the phone, likely for water-proofing. It’s unclear if this is just on the prototype, if it points to a Galaxy S5 Prime Active, or if it’s going to actually show up on the final design, too.

Also, while TK Tech News says the display is crisper than 1080p screens on other devices, pointing to a 2K resolution, we can’t really see the difference through the hands-on video. Finally, adding more to the “Prime” name, is an all-aluminum back cover that replaces the plastic cover on the Galaxy S5.

We’ve been hearing about a Galaxy S5 Prime coming down the pipeline from Samsung for a while, but so far the company hasn’t indicated any plans to actually launch the device. If this leak is legitimate, then that all may change soon.

TK Tech News

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