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Exciting New LG G3 Feature Revealed

by Brandon Russell | May 19, 2014May 19, 2014 1:35 pm PST

LG G3 Quick Window mode evleaks

That “Quick Window” mode we heard about on the G3 is looking a bit more real thanks to a new photo posted by Evleaks. It isn’t clear how the feature works, though it looks like it may function in conjunction with an accessory, similar to what we’ve seen in Samsung’s S View cases and earlier LG products. That’s our best guess—a navigation button does show up in some of the photos, however, indicating that maybe this is similar to the Moto X’s great Active Display feature. If true, we’re excited to see other companies embrace tweaks that are actually useful.

From what we can see, the G3’s Quick Window feature will show you things such as time, incoming calls, weather, messages and more. Basically all the notifications you’d typically get, but at-a-glance, and we assume much easier to access compared to reaching down from a notification tray. LG has been rumored to have worked on some big software changes to its G3, and this looks to be among the big ones.

We’ve seen plenty of the G3 ahead of its expected May 27 event, including numerous pictures and alleged specs. Naturally, the leaks appear to now be focusing on the software actually running on the device. The picture doesn’t really provide any content, so we’re left to speculate for the moment. Chances are we’ll hear more about it before LG’s event takes place next week. Until then, the G3 hype train keeps on chugging along.


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