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Apple and Samsung Reportedly Holding Discussions To Dismiss All Lawsuits

by Brandon Russell | May 19, 2014May 19, 2014 4:00 pm PST


Kim Yoo-chul, a prominent voice at the Korea Times, claims Apple and Samsung are actively working toward settling all existing patent disputes out of court. Sources directly involved with the discussions apparently told Kim that the two want to dismiss all future lawsuits, and instead focus on patent reform. That echoes similar sentiments reached by Apple and Google last week following a lawsuit dismissal over patents regarding Motorola Mobility.

As two of the industry’s biggest names, Apple and Samsung have developed quite the rivalry, culminating in a recent decision that awarded Apple $120 million in a long-standing patent case. Apple was initially awarded $1 billion in damages for Samsung’s infringements, though that amount was drastically reduced in the final decision. Apple, meanwhile, was ordered to pay just under $160,000 for infringing on Samsung patents.

According to FOSS Patents’s Florian Mueller, an agreement is expected to be reached by the end of summer.

“Apple doesn’t have an endgame strategy,” Mueller said. “Its agreement with Google shows that its management is looking for a face-saving exit strategy from Steve Jobs’ thermonuclear ambitions that were based on a totally unrealistic assessment of the strength of Apple’s patent portfolio.”

It would be a strange sight to see Apple and Samsung actually come to terms over patents. The way things were going, you wouldn’t be crazy to have thought hell would freeze over before then. But it appears the two companies are ready to settle their differences and finally call it a truce. We’ll see how this develops as the summer months go on.

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