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Android Silver Launching February 2015 In Lieu of Nexus 6 (Update)

by Brandon Russell | May 17, 2014May 17, 2014 10:00 am PST

Android Figure - Google, Nexus 4

Yesterday we got a report corroborating rumors that Google was planning to ditch its Nexus line in favor of a new Android Silver program. Today, Evleaks is back to say we shouldn’t expect Google’s bold new initiative to kick off until February of next year at the earliest. Well that’s a huge bummer. While we’re told not to expect a Nexus 6, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Google Play Edition phone or two before the year is up. Or, if anything, at least we have the Moto X+1 to look forward to, which is as close to stock Android as you’ll find.

Information on Google’s Android Silver has slowly leaked out over the past few months, with word about the program first cropping up toward the beginning of this year. The Nexus line has become a terrific part of Google’s portfolio, but it was never meant for consumers—if you were a developer, it was a godsend. However, the search giant reportedly wants to exert more control over its Android future, which is why Android Silver is even being talked about.

According to rumors, not only will Android Silver offer a superior customer service angle, but it’ll see Google require specific guidelines when OEMs are developing devices. Now, that doesn’t mean the end of skinned phones, because there were definitely still be those. It’ll just mean that we’ll probably see more Google Play Edition phones on the market, giving customers access to the version of Android Google envisioned. Just don’t expect that to happen until February 2015.

Update: Now Evleaks is saying one of the first Android Silver devices will be an LG handset running a Qualcomm MSM8894 processor, and is expected to hit Sprint in the U.S.


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