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Star Wars Episode VII Begins Filming

Star Wars Episode VII clapboard

Call it the clapboard heard around the world, but it shows that Star Wars Episode VII has begun filming.

Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams production company, tweeted out a photo in the middle of the night U.S. time showing the clapboard for what we assume will be the first scene shot for the film. (It looks to be scene 36, whatever that happens to be.)

For those of you unfamiliar with clapboards, they are still used before footage is shot so that the editors can easily catalog all of the footage. They are held up in front of the camera before each take, so if this is truly scene 36, they would know, “Oh, this is scene 36, take 1… scene 36, take 2” and so forth.

While the clapboard doesn’t reveal much, it’s just satisfying knowing that right now, somewhere in the world – we assume just outside of London at the moment – the galaxy that is far, far away is just a little bit closer to Earth.

Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 18, 2015.

Bad Robot

Sean P. Aune

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