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Protests Force Apple Supplier Foxconn to Close Plant in Vietnam

by Todd Haselton | May 16, 2014May 16, 2014 10:00 am PST


China’s decision to drill for oil in the South China Sea has sparked deadly protests in nearby Vietnam.

Protesters in Vietnam recently attacked factories outside Ho Chi Minh City, according to Financial Times, including one owned by Apple manufacturing partner and supplier Foxconn. As a result, Foxconn has shut the factory down until the environment settles.

The protesters already attacked several other factories, including suppliers that provide product to Western companies such as Adidas, Nike and Walmart, The Financial Times said. In an effort to protect employees and the factory, Foxconn is shutting down its operations through Sunday, when there’s expected to be a resurgence in the rioting. “Foxconn has taken measures to ensure the safety of our employees following recent development sin Vietnam,”  the company told The Financial Times.

It’ s unclear if this will affect Apple’s products at all. Rumors have suggested the firm is gearing up to produce its new iPhone 6 ahead of a September launch, though we don’t know if the factory in Ho Chi Minh will build that product.

Todd Haselton

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