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New Flappy Bird is Going to Be Awful Again

by Todd Haselton | May 16, 2014May 16, 2014 3:00 pm PST

Flappy Bird

Ugh. What’s the point of developing a game if you’re just going to suck all the fun out of it right from the start? The developer behind Flappy Bird, the guy who turned down a probable shot at becoming a millionaire in no time, is about to bring back the game, but this time with several new changes. Yesterday we learned that Flappy Bird is set to re-launch in August, and today we’re learning a bit more about what’s going to be included and why it’s going to probably be awful all over again.

In an interview with David Kushner, which Kushner published a screenshot of on Twitter, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen said that he’s adding specific elements into the game that will force players to stop playing. Nguyen pulled the original because he thought people were getting too addicted (oh the horror!), so this time he’s adding in a new “cool down” feature that will force you to stop playing and take a break.

“Players will be more satisfied even if they play [it] a few rounds per day,” Nguyen told Kushner. He also promised new characters aside from Faby, the bird in the original, and new environments that aren’t as pixelated as before.

Nguyen says he’s “sure” nobody will play the new Flappy Bird “for hours again.” Nguyen has what other developers die for: an addicted customer base, except that’s exactly what he doesn’t want. Sounds like this game is going to be a real yawner.

David Kushner

Todd Haselton

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