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This Dummy is What A Bigger iPad Pro Might Look Like… If It Even Exists

by Jacob Kleinman | May 16, 2014May 16, 2014 11:30 am PST

Claims of a larger “iPad Pro” launching later this year have largely died down, but a new photo showing a dummy model of what is claimed to be the oversized tablet suggests we may not be done with this rumor quite yet. The leak, which comes to from Chinese social network Weibo, reveals what appears to be an aluminum mockup of the alleged iPad Pro, though our own Todd Haselton had another idea about what the dummy device could be made of.

There’s little reason to believe this iPad Pro dummy actually reveals anything about the rumored device, unlike the recent slew of iPhone 6 mockups allegedly based off leaked Foxconn schematics for the device. NoWhereElse editor-in-chief Steve Hemmerstoffer, who spotted the photos earlier today, also offers up a haphazard size comparison suggesting the iPad Pro could measure roughly 12 inches across its diagonal.

We’re still not sold on the idea that Apple is preparing a larger iPad, though it’s certainly possible the company is testing out new sizes. Cupertino didn’t submit to the smaller tablet market until 7-inch Android slates began eating into the company’s profits. Then again, if Samsung’s rumored 13.3-inch “Warhol” tablet catches on we may see the iPad Pro hit the market, but it could be years before Apple comes to that decision.

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