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Instagram for iOS Cuts Out Some of the Sharing


When Facebook first swallowed up Instagram, the social giant seemed intent on integrating its billion dollars acquisition into the company’s main product. Times have changed since then, and with companies from Facebook to Foursquare moving to unbundle their services into multiple apps it looks like Instagram is putting a bit more distance between itself and its parent company.

An update to Instagram’s iOS app on Friday tweaked the app’s share settings to keep your activity a little bit more private. You can still share your photos directly to Facebook, but in-app activity won’t show up in your News Feed. If you like a photo on Instagram or follow a new account your Facebook friends won’t know, at least on iOS. The update hasn’t arrived on Android yet, though it’s probably just a matter of time.

Today’s Instagram update may come as a surprise, but it actually makes a lot of sense. No one wants to see their friends’ Instagram activity clutter up their Facebook feed, especially considering most people use the photo-sharing app to keep tabs on their favorite celebrities. If you want to share a photo from the app directly to Facebook that’s still an option, but from now on everything else that happens on Instagram will stay on Instagram.

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Jacob Kleinman

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