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Google Ditching Nexus Line for New Android Silver Program, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | May 16, 2014May 16, 2014 4:00 pm PST

HTC One M8-Google Play Edition-Silver-7

The inevitable death of Google’s Nexus line is looking imminent. Following reports suggesting a new “Android Silver” program would see Google take control of its mobile future, Evleaks on Friday said that there indeed won’t be a Nexus 6. Guess that Chromium reference was nothing more than a dead end. But don’t worry, apparently a “silver lining” to this disappointing news.

In previous reports, there have been heavy suggestions that Google plans on ditching its Nexus line to focus on support for high-end products to represent the future of Android. These devices could be made by any OEM willing to participate, and sold by carriers; at the time, The Information claimed these devices would be developed under strict Google specifications, giving the search giant more control of what devices are being released.

While that greater emphasis on control might sound like Google trying to micromanage—but not quite on the Apple level—it should ultimately benefit the consumer, because it’ll address the issue of fragmentation head-on. With devices built under Google specifications, and offered by carriers direct to consumers, Google will be able to push out updates much quicker—the company will no longer have to wait for a manufacturer’s lengthy testing process before it becomes available. Or, worse, worry about an OEM ditching support for an older device altogether.

As we said before, this could essentially be similar to what we see with Google Play Edition devices right now, but with a more targeted approach to consumers, and not necessarily developers. In addition, Google’s Android Silver experience might also offer a premium owner experience, similar to what iOS users enjoy with Apple’s Genius Bar.

The new report from Evleaks doesn’t really offer up any new information, but given his credibility, it would be wise to pay close attention. Of course, none of this has been made official. So, sure, it could change in the next few weeks or months. But our inclination is that Google will fully unveil its Android Silver program in June.


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