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Woman Sues Apple After Her iMessages Got Messed Up Moving to Android

by Brandon Russell | May 16, 2014May 16, 2014 2:00 pm PST

iPhone 5 with a pending iMessage.

Apple’s failure to deliver text messages to Android users has lead to an inevitable lawsuit. According to Patently Apple, a woman filed a class action suit with a court in San Jose after she moved from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S5 and realized her messages weren’t coming through properly. The issue recently gained media attention after former Lifehacker Editor-In-Chief Adam Pash complained about messages being lost in iMessage purgatory. TechnoBuffalo’s Jacob Kleinman also noticed messages either being delayed or not received at all after switching from iOS to Android.

Apple is reportedly aware of the issue, but has no clue how to fix it, which is the big problem. Data messaging has become a popular alternative to traditional SMS, and iMessage itself is a pretty solid service that integrates seamlessly with regular texts. But since it defaults to iMessage, when a user switches away from iOS, it apparently has a hard time recognizing this, even when disconnecting Apple accounts from the service. That’s why people aren’t receiving messages at all—unbeknownst to them. In this case, it seems like it’s Apple’s fault, since the bug doesn’t occur when switching between any other platform.

Not much is known about the lawsuit itself, but with the issue gaining more widespread attention, chances are good many more consumers will follow suit. We don’t think Apple should be sued for this little mix up, though we certainly agree that it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. For now, you might want to hold off on switching from an iPhone to Android until this whole thing is smoothed over.

Patently Apple

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