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MyGlass 3.0 For Google Glass Adds Maps Sharing, More

by Jacob Kleinman | May 15, 2014May 15, 2014 4:00 pm PST

Google is rolling out a pretty significant update to MyGlass today, upgrading the Google Glass support app from version 2.2 to 3.0. The biggest changes are all superficial, with Google introducing a new UI, though the update also means you can share maps directly from Google Glass and includes a few bug fixes for good measure.

The new MyGlass design looks a lot easier to navigate, breaking the app into sections like Contacts, Glassware Gallery, Active Glassware and Screencast via a new slide-out menu. It’s a noticeable improvement, though we’re still waiting for the total overhaul eventually expected to hit MyGlass. Version 3.0 should be available in Google Play today, according to Android Police, though we’re not seeing it in the online store just yet.

Of course, MyGlass is useless if you don’t own a set of Google Glass to go with it. Google’s wearable headset is currently available for anyone with $1500 to spare, so the only thing keeping you from buying your own is the high price tag and maybe some common sense. If you already own Google Glass, however, today’s MyGlass update should come as a welcome improvement.

Jacob Kleinman

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