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Left 4 Dead: Survivors Debut Gameplay Trailer – ZOMBIE YOBINASAI!

by Ron Duwell | May 15, 2014May 15, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Left 4 Dead: Survivors is the brilliant brainchild of Valve and Taito, the Japanese arcade company responsible for bringing this match made in heaven to the Japanese arcade scene. Isn’t it hilarious that this is the same company who made Bubble Bobble? Who ever thought of this genius move should be given a huge raise and a couple of cookies as a bonus.

To make the collaboration even better, it looks as if Taito spared no expense to make it look like the real thing. “Survive or die” and “run or shot” as the trailer commands you to do. Hilarious Engrish aside, Taito’s recreation of Valve’s co-op classic is spot on. All the mayhem, the cooperation, the ragdoll zombie physics, and the guns look and sound just as you’ve always known them.

How exactly is Left 4 Dead going to work as an arcade game? Are four players are going to line up at an arcade and control it with an arcade deck? Is it going to be played with light guns? All sound plausible, and I can’t wait to be walking through a Japanese arcade and hearing patrons screaming “BOOMER!” at the top of their voice.

No release date yet for Left 4 Dead: Survivors, but I’ll be sure to track it down once it comes out over here and let you know how it is. You can see more on the official website.


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