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HTC One (M8) In Red Outed By HTC

by Brandon Russell | May 15, 2014May 15, 2014 11:30 am PST

That special red HTC One (M8) we’ve been hearing about just got more real thanks to a new 3D mockup posted to the company’s Sketchfab account. There have been murmurs claiming the device would pop up pretty soon here—maybe on Verizon—and it looks like the device’s release is imminent. Is this the HTC One Remix we heard about earlier this week? Not a clue. It looks like a normal M8 to us, but obviously a lot brighter than the grey and silver colors already available.

In addition to the launch colors we already know about, there have been reports HTC will also come out with aqua blue and pink versions as well. We still don’t know what’s so special about these new colors, and why they’re coming out later, though HTC did the same thing last year with the One (M7). The colors currently available for HTC’s latest flagship are certainly nice and will make up the majority of sales, but if you require a bit more flair, you’ll have an opportunity real soon to pick up a color that will really turn heads.

This particular 3D model was published by HTC a few days ago, and it’s still up for anyone to mess around with. Go on, try it out. Check out that flashy red color from every angle. So shiny. So bright.

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