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18 New BlackBerry Features Revealed

by Jacob Kleinman | May 15, 2014May 15, 2014 8:00 pm PST

BlackBerry Z30-Apps

BlackBerry recently confirmed its upcoming 10.3 OS update, and today the company is revealing 18 new features bundled into the new software. The Canadian smartphone-maker will add plenty of new improvements with BlackBerry 10.3, including a revamped UI, improvements to the homescreen, extra notifications in BlackBerry Hub and more.

BlackBerry’s mobile UI is getting two major improvements. First, the company is introducing a “Signature Action” which can be activated using the bar at the bottom of the screen and reconfigured with different functions depending on what app you’re using. The new operating system will also introduce an updated look for icons, which will all get a “fresh new treatment.”

The homescreen is getting some major improvements as well, including endless folders with no app limits and quick access to the settings menu with a two-finger swipe. Best of all, the Z3, Z10 and Z30 will all getting an extra row of app icons, while the Q5 and Q10 QWERTY phones will be getting an extra column instead.

BlackBerry Hub is adding even more options for actionable notifications. The updated OS will let you download all email attachments with a single tap, while another button will let you quickly delete the original text while responding to an email. BlackBerry’s updated notification center will also let you file sent messages into specific inbox folders, and automatically close and auto-save any emails you leave open for longer than 30 minutes.

BlackBerry’s calendar is also due for an overhaul, adding a weekly agenda view and tasks in your calendar. Your phone will even remember when you have a scheduled meeting and turn off notifications for you. The camera is also getting an updated UI that makes it even easier to snap pictures and jump between different features.

Overall BlackBerry 10.3 looks like a solid update, even if it’s not quite as massive in scope as BB 10.2. There’s nothing here to give us a sense of what to expect from the upcoming BlackBerry Classic, though maybe once developers get their hands on the new OS someone will unearth a few hidden references to the high-end QWERTY smartphone.


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