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Yahoo Swallows Up Blink to Compete With Snapchat

Yahoo on Wednesday announced its latest acquisition, and it looks like this time the company is hoping to take on Snapchat with an ephemeral messaging service of its own. Blink, which lets you send “self-destructing” messages to your friends, will be acquired and shuttered by Yahoo as the company attempts to integrate its features into a new or existing service.

Blink! announced the news in a blog post, confirming that in the coming weeks its app will disappear from the App Store and Google Play. We’re guessing that means it will also pull support for anyone still using the app, though that shouldn’t be a huge issue. Blink only has between 10,000-50,000 installs on Google Play (compared to over 50 million for Snapchat), though it’s received generally high reviews on both Android and iOS.

It’s safe to assume Yahoo will rollout some sort of self-destructing chat feature in the near future now that it has acquired Blink. The company already offers its own Yahoo Messenger app, so it’s possible we’ll see ephemeral messages introduced there in a future update. It’s also possible we’ll see the release of a completely new app, though why anyone would ditch Snapchat for a Yahoo alternative in the first place remains to be seen. We’ve already seen Facebook ditch its own Snapchat clone.


Jacob Kleinman

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