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OnePlus One Contest Winner Receives an Empty Box

by Jacob Kleinman | May 14, 2014May 14, 2014 10:00 pm PST

Despite all the hype surrounding the OnePlus One launch last month it’s still very hard to get your hands on the new smartphone. In fact, the company is only shipping 100 copies to 100 contest winners for now, and apparently even for those lucky few there’s still no guarantee.

One contest winner opened up a box sent from the Chinese phone-maker this week to find nothing inside but a piece of paper congratulating him on his new OnePlus One. Talk about a quality control problem and a bad first impression. After noticing the box felt a bit light, he switched on a camera to record the entire thing, making for one of the most bizarre smartphone unboxing videos ever.

In the comments beneath his YouTube video, this unlucky contest winner notes that after reaching out the OnePlus the company promised to send him a copy of the actual phone. Even so, the mix-up doesn’t bode well for the upstart phone-maker considering it couldn’t even send out 100 new phones in a controlled contest without messing up a few orders. What will happen once it has to ship the product in bulk? According to Droid-Life other contest winners are reporting similar issues, including missing chargers and SIM removal tools. In a controlled contest, where OnePlus can easily check just 100 boxes, it’s failing to include everything required.

The real question, though, is when the OnePlus One will be available to purchase for the public any time soon. The company’s already promised general availability by June, though after today’s news we can’t help but wonder if OnePlus will be able to make good on that promise. We don’t recommend jumping at the opportunity to order one.

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