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Humble Bundle Delivering a New Bundle Everyday For Two Weeks

by Ron Duwell | May 14, 2014May 14, 2014 7:30 pm PST


This is it! It’s all over! Game over man! Someone hide me, please! I hope you are ready for a whole bunch of cheap games, because you are never going to find a better deal in your entire life than over the next two weeks. Humble Bundle is giving you the chance to name your price on what could be close to 75 games before this promotion comes to a close.

Two weeks, new games everyday, and you get to name the price. And you thought Steam Sales were tough to resist! Humble Bundle has gone a step further than Steam ever could by putting the price in your hands.

Humble Bundle’s outlandish sale begins today with a healthy serving of Deep Silver games. Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row II, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2: Gold Edition are all available for the base price of whatever you choose. Dead Island: GotY Edition, Saints Row: The Third – The Full DLC Package, Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel are available at $6, and Dead Island: Riptide – Complete Edition is going for $9.

Keep yourself in check, because even if you only partially want this package, there might still be another one that goes on sale that you want a few days from now. Then again… maybe not.

I’ve been really good about getting my PC digital sale addiction under control, but PlayStation Network Sales might have just merely replaced it. At least there is nothing I want today, and it’s only a few hours away until the next sale when something better might come up. It’s best to just stay away from the Humble Bundle for a while, isn’t it?

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