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HTC One Mini 2 Said to Sacrifice M8 Features

by Brandon Russell | May 14, 2014May 14, 2014 11:00 am PST

HTC One mini 2 leak

Our expectations for mini variants of popular flagships are never very high. They lack features, skimp on specs, and are usually smaller—because nothing screams “mid-range” like a small display. HTC’s rumored One (M8) mini, the smaller brother to the company’s M8 flagship, will apparently carry on that trend. A Tweet from Evleaks claims the One mini won’t support Zoe, Fitbit, Motion Launch or Pan 360 photos; the device also won’t come equipped with a Duo camera, which is obviously the M8’s flagship feature.

Essentially all the features that make the M8 what it is are being stripped away in favor of a more minimal approach by HTC. While that’s a big disappointment for those looking to get the flagship experience in a smaller body, HTC’s One mini 2 may still be a solid compromise.

Aside from an array of colors (grey, silver and gold), it isn’t too clear what to expect from HTC’s mid-range mini handset. Some important features are missing; let’s hope some of the device’s dignity is left over when it finally launches.


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