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Yacht Club Games Wraps Up Development on Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight (2)

Okay, it’s finally happening this time. At long last and after months of delay, Yacht Club Games has for all extensive purposes wrapped up development on its Kickstarter funded platformer, Shovel Knight.

In an update on its Kickstarter site, Yacht Club Games has stated that they have a build “which is ready to go live.”

Now we are in the submission and certification process for platform holders. That’s when external teams verify that the game works as expected. If everything checks out on their side, then they’ll prepare the game to go live on their digital storefront and get back to us with a true, solid release date.

The update follows up with states that “at this point, even the Yacht Club is playing the waiting game,” and it should be released soon unless more bugs are discovered by the console makers.

It’s been a long time coming waiting for Shovel Knight, and I can’t wait for finally get a chance to play my own copy. Not only does it look like one of the most fun games of the year, but it’s also the first of hopefully many Kickstarter games to come. I wonder what will make its way to me next. Hyper Light DrifterArmikrog. and Soul Saga are next up based on the original shipment dates, but each has suffered the usual Kickstarters delays since then.

Back to waiting I suppose. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Shovel Knight on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, on PC platforms.


Ron Duwell

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