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LG Uni8 Windows Phone 8.1 Device Leaks In New Photo

by Jacob Kleinman | May 13, 2014May 13, 2014 7:00 pm PST

LG Uni8 Windows Phone

Earlier this year Microsoft promised us upcoming Windows Phone devices from a handful of new partners including LG. We haven’t heard much on what LG has been working on since then, but today we got a first look at the device courtesy of @evleaks, who shared a render of the Windows Phone 8.1 handset apparently called the LG Uni8.

The LG Uni8 appears to offer a design that plays off the operating system’s angular layout. A metal (or possibly fake metal) band wraps around the edges of the device, while the lack of any visible hardware buttons suggests they could be placed on the back of the device similar to the LG G2. We can also clearly see that the Uni8 will offer on-screen buttons and a front-facing camera.

For now that’s all we know about the LG Windows Phone, though based on recent reports the Uni8 could launch early this summer alongside a Windows Phone 8.1 device from Lenovo. Hopefully we’ll learn more about both devices soon, though with Nokia’s phone business under Microsoft’s control we’re expecting the majority of new Windows handsets to come directly out of Redmond from now on.


Jacob Kleinman

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