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Google Now for iOS Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

Google Now is a pretty central part of the user experience on any Android device, but even Apple fans can experience Google’s digital assistant firsthand through the official Google app. Still, there’s always been a noticeable gap between what Google Now can do on Android compared to iOS. That gap just got a lot smaller though, thanks to a new update adding tons of features to Google for iOS that Android fans already take for granted, including conversational questions and new information cards.

The update, which requires iOS 7 to work, finally gives iPhone owners the ability to ask conversational questions through the app’s voice controls. You can ask Google “What’s the weather like?” to get a quick report. If you want a multi-day forecast just follow that up with, “How about this weekend?”

With the update, Google Now for iOS is better at remembering your favorite news topics, authors and websites, and is also more capable of serving up more relevant information. The app also offers enhanced image results, cricket sports cards (if you’re into that), and a speedier experience overall. Google for iOS still doesn’t offer quite as many features as its Android alternative, but it’s a lot closer after today. To grab the update for yourself just hit the source link below.

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Jacob Kleinman

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