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Google Glass Gets Its First Keyboard App with Minuum

Google Glass comes with a built-in touchpad for navigating between apps, but the main way Google wants you to use the device is with voice controls. Until now the only way to write out a message on Glass was to speak it out loud and hope Google’s voice recognition software got it right, but today there’s finally an option for Google Glass owners who’d rather type out their messages by hand.

Minuum has been available on Android for around a year after blowing past its crowd-funding goals last April. The specialized keyboard arranges the alphabet in a single row, using predictive technology to guess what words you’re typing even if your fingers occasionally hit the wrong spot. The app also incorporates swipe gestures, with a swipe to the right triggering the space bar and a swipe to the left deleting your last word. Minuum on Google Glass works pretty much the same way, letting you tap out a message and swipe to delete words or add a space.

In a short YouTube video posted earlier today, the company also highlights some concepts for future versions of the Google Glass app that would appear to require extra technology beyond what the wearable device currently offers. In one example the user wears some sort of Internet-connected ring and jabs at a virtual keyboard projected through Glass into the wearer’s vision, while in another the device somehow tracks the user’s eye movements as they type out a message by looking at specific letters. Finally, a third concept includes a built-in projector, which beams the keyboard onto the user’s arm allowing them to type with their free hand.

As it works now, Minuum is an interesting keyboard app that some may find worthwhile on Google Glass or any other Android device. The company’s concepts for future updates are pretty impressive, though they rely entirely on Google adding specific components to future models of its wearable device. Until then you can check out the video below.

Jacob Kleinman

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