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Adventures of Pip Comes From the Brilliant Minds of WayForward Veterans

As far as retro 2D platformers go, you would have to look pretty hard to find a team better than WayForward games. Not only does it whip together the best platforming games that speak to both older and younger generations of gamers, but it is also a breeding ground for wonderfully talented smaller indie studios.

For example, Yacht Club Games emerged from WayForward and successfully funded the indie sensation Shovel Knight on Kickstarter.

Now, more former WayForward developers are hoping to follow in Yacht Club Games’ footsteps and have also splintered off to form Tic Toc Games. The team has announced its first title, Adventures of Pip, and is looking for funding through Kickstarter.

For what it’s worth, Adventures of Pip is already mostly completed. It started out as a mobile game being developed for a publisher, but Tic Toc Games’ ambition got the better of them. The studio is looking to a release on the PC, Wii U, and Xbox One, and it needs the funding more for the ports than it does for actual development.

In the game, Pip explores a lush and beautiful kingdom made entirely of pixels, similar to the themes and graphical style found in 3D Dot Games Heroes on the Playstation 3. As he defeats enemies, he can absorb their pixels and evolve into a more detailed sprite with better techniques and abilities thanks to his smoother animation. It’s a genius little fourth-wall breaking mechanic that flows with the pacing of the game as enemies become more and more detailed themselves.

The creators of Adventures of Pip have worked on previous WayForward games like Shantae and A Boy and His Blob, so they have the credentials there to trust. It is looking for $90,000 to fund production and ports of its game, and it has already scored $21,600 with 22 days remaining. Looks like this is going to be one of those slow burn Kickstarter campaigns that will come down to the line.

Still, press has been widespread and nothing but positive around the Internet for those who have played early builds, and I would like to see more WayForward veterans stay employed in the industry. Funding Adventures of Pip and getting a fun game out of it might be the best way to do that. Take a look if you are interested.


Ron Duwell

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