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This is the Wii U’s Quick Boot Feature

by Joey Davidson | May 10, 2014May 10, 2014 1:00 pm PST

From boot up to playing a game on the Wii U right now, it typically takes me a minute to a minute and a half. That’s with being zoned in and tapping all the right icons at the right times.

Nintendo announced that it would work on a Quick Boot feature for a future update that would alleviate some of this wait time. That feature is almost complete, and Nintendo of Japan posted a video of it in action. That video was grabbed by Nintendaan and posted for the world to see, which you’ll find at the head of this post.

The video shows the speed of booting, but it also shows the change of operation order. Instead of selecting your profile when you fire the console up, you select it when you open a game or app. The menu starts right away now, and then the video shows roughly 14 seconds of waiting forĀ New Super Mario Bros. U to start.

That’s a nice improvement over the previous wait times.

We’re not sure when this feature will go live, but we’ll be all over it once it does. Until then, we boot slowly with the rest of you folks.


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