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Alleged Moto E Pictured Next to Moto G

by Jacob Kleinman | May 9, 2014May 9, 2014 11:30 am PST

moto e vs moto g leak

We were big fans the Moto G when Motorola announced its budget-friendly smartphone last year, but can the company offer an even smaller and cheaper model without sacrificing on quality? We’re expecting to get an official look at the rumored Moto E at a Motorola event set for May 13, but it looks like the device may have already leaked. A fan of Motorola’s Mexico Facebook page recently published the picture you see above.

Android Police managed to grab a copy of the image, which shows the alleged Moto E next to a copy of the Moto G, before it was pulled from Facebook. The upcoming smartphone looks a bit chunkier than its predecessor with noticeably wider bezels, though recent reports suggest it could actually be thinner than the Moto G. Mysteriously, we don’t see a front-facing camera on the Moto E, though it does appear to offer a light sensor just above the display.

Hopefully we’ll get the full story next week at Motorola’s event, though, for now, we’re not sure what to think of the Moto E. Ditching the front-facing camera could help cut costs, but it seems counter intuitive considering the growing popularity of apps like Snapchat that are all about sharing selfie photos. Then again, Motorola’s last few phones have successfully bucked industry trends. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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