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iPhone 6 Model Compared to iPod Touch

by Brandon Russell | May 9, 2014May 9, 2014 3:00 pm PST

The upcoming iPhone 6 redesign pretty much looks like a cousin of the iPod touch. So why not compare an iPhone 6 dummy unit, which may or may not indicate the final design, next to the portable media player? It’s like some gadget Hot or Not experiment. We’ve been getting some really good looks at the alleged iPhone 6 over the past few weeks, so let’s keep on adding coal to the fire. It has rounded edges, an aluminum back, slightly a protruding camera and a displaced sleep/wake button, just like most other dummy units.

The folks over at have a nice spread of what the redesign might look like compared to Apple’s old iPod touch, which is old, though seems to somewhat resemble the new iPhone 6. The two designs are pretty much the same, with the iPhone dummy unit sporting more of a rounded screen and those enormous antenna bands. Otherwise just imagine picking up a larger iPod touch—one with a 4.7-inch screen; that’s what the iPhone 6 might feel like.

While we aren’t assuming this is the legit final design of Apple’s iPhone so far ahead of a possible fall release, we do imagine it isn’t all that far off. The design, from the iPhone 4 on up to the iPhone 5s, hasn’t changed too drastically, though the display size has, so we’re pretty much due for a big shakeup.

We still have some mixed feelings about how it looks. On the one hand, it looks thin and light, and that larger screen is definitely welcome. But those antenna bands are nightmarish and unsightly. You can do better, Jony.

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