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Hohokum Bringing its “Wonky” Colors to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this Summer

Hohokum creator Richard Hogg describes his game as “The Right Kind of Wonky.” His game is one of the indie highlights of the summer because of just how happily all of its elements work together. The whimsical music, the random colors and shapes, the free-flowing gameplay. Despite not having a set pattern or style, it is all held together simply because it is “wonky.”

Hogg struggles to use the word “polished” in his PlayStation Blog post while describing his game.

For me, this past month has mostly been about all those final tweaks to the art. Making sure I’m happy with absolutely everything in the game. Some might call this “polish,” but polish implies a smoothness and shyness that somehow doesn’t seem right for my work on Hohokum. Today I was re-drawing some wonky hotdog-trees. They’re still pretty wonky but now it’s the right kind of wonky.

And thank goodness too. “Polished” and “refined” are two of the most poisonous words in the industry because they mean flattening a game and removing its quirks and subliminal character. Hohokum’s quirks are what makes it so special. It’s music doesn’t sound like music, but it still works. It’s graphics make no sense, but everything still seems to fit together.

Along with a summer release window, Hogg also released the first of a few developer diary videos showing off how he goes about making his game. I regret not having the time to go hands on with Hohokum when it was at TGS 2013 last year, but it ranks quite highly on my games to try out this summer.

Expect my thoughts not long after release.

Hohokum will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. Its official page has also gone live, so be sure to check out more on one of the most exciting indie games of the summer.

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