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Foursquare Freezes Mayors, Pulling Check-ins Next Week

by Jacob Kleinman | May 9, 2014May 9, 2014 8:00 pm PST


Earlier this month, Foursquare announced plans to split its service into two separate apps. The classic Foursquare application is being retooled to focus on offering advice for exploring new areas, while a new Swarm app will help you connect with friends using the company’s iconic check-in feature. Swarm still hasn’t hit the app store, but today Foursquare pulled the first feature from its main application ahead of the launch next week.

For now Foursquare is freezing everyone’s mayor status across the service. In a blog post the company notes that in Swarm mayorships won’t be service wide, instead you’ll compete among your friends to become mayor of any given location. Badges are also being phased out, though you’ll still be able to display the one’s you’ve already earned in a digital trophy case, and check-ins will be pulled from the main app next week.

To replace these old features, Swarm will introduce a few new ones. The app will offer a bunch of new stickers you can use to show how you’re feeling when you check-in. You’ll start with just a few stickers and earn more as you explore new areas. The company is also introducing “streaks,” a new name for the notifications the app already sends when you go to the same place several times in a row or do something for the first time in a while.

Old school Foursquare fans may feel a bit uncomfortable with all these changes, but hopefully the company’s new two-app strategy will benefit everyone in the long run. With Swarm just a week away it won’t be long before we get a chance to try the new app out for ourselves.


Jacob Kleinman

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