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Yahoo’s News Digest App is Finally Available on Android

by Jacob Kleinman | May 8, 2014May 8, 2014 12:30 pm PST

Four months after Yahoo launched News Digest on iOS, the news-aggregating service is finally available on Android; the app has been updated to take advantage of Google’s more malleable operating system. Yahoo also took the opportunity to launch international and Canadian versions of News Digest, which was previously restricted to Apple fans in either the U.S. or England.

The biggest difference between News Digest for Android and iOS is the addition of a homescreen widget, offering the option to scan new headlines and unread stories with a quick glance. The widget also displays a countdown clock as you read through the stories presented to you each day. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same app as before, offering eight pieces of news per day that stitch together reporting, maps, videos, photos, charts and Wikipedia entries.

When News Digest first landed on iOS back in January we used it for a few days but quickly lost interest. There’s nothing wrong with Yahoo’s news app—its design is certainly impressive—but it never really offered anything we weren’t already getting elsewhere around the web. Following today’s news we’ll probably give the app another shot on Android, maybe this time Yahoo can hold our interest.

Jacob Kleinman

Jacob Kleinman has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2007. After graduating, he took a...