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Google’s New Nexus Device Leaked, Codenamed “Flounder”

Nexus 8 leak close up

Google is reportedly planning to shutter the Nexus program in favor of a new Android Silver series of devices, but before then we may see one more Nexus tablet released. The search giant is expected to announce a new stock Android slate sometime this summer, and it looks like the company may have inadvertently confirmed the rumors in a post to the Chromium issue tracker forum.

The post, which was spotted by Myce earlier today, lists an upcoming device with the codename “flounder.” Google generally refers to its Nexus phones and tablets using fish names during development, so it seems likely this could be an upcoming addition to that lineup. Myce suggests this could be the rumored Nexus 8 tablet, though there are several other equally likely possibilities.

We’ve seen rumors of an eight-inch Nexus slate pop-up several times this year, but it’s possible Google could be preparing a long-overdue refresh for the Nexus 10. Flounder could also be the company’s next smartphone, possibly the Nexus 6, which likely won’t launch until later this fall. Hopefully we’ll learn more next month at Google I/O, though based on Google’s recent product cycle it could be a bit longer before this mystery tablet actually hits the market.


Jacob Kleinman

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