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Gear 2 Solo Smartwatch Starts to Look Legitimate

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Last month we covered a report that suggested Samsung has been working on yet another smartwatch called the Gear 2 Solo. The device allegedly does not need a smartphone to operate and, instead, has its own SIM card slot. That suggests that it will ship with its own cellular radios and can be used as a standalone phone. While it seemed somewhat unlikely last month, there’s now some evidence suggesting it is indeed being tested.


Maktechblog recently noticed shipping details on Zauba, which provides information on the cargo being shipped into India, that relate to Samsung’s next smartwatch. The shipping details from March 5 call it by name, the SM-R10 Gear 2 Solo, and identify the origin as South Korea, where Samsung is headquartered, but don’t specifically mention any need for a SIM card. Only one unit was shipped to the country for R&D purposes, however, which suggests it’s an early prototype.

We presume the Gear 2 Solo will look nearly the same as the current Gear 2 and will also function similarly. A nanoSIM card doesn’t take up much space, so presumably one could have been squeezed into the existing model. We have no clue when this will launch, if ever.

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