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Sunset Overdrive Teaser Website Introduces Games’ World and Soft Drink

Insomniac has started the hype train for its biggest game of 2014, the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, and it finally has provided a look into its zombie infested world and the corporation, Fizzco, who calls all the shots in a funny tongue-in-cheek teaser site.

Fizzco is the soft drink mega corporation that dominates the world of Sunset Overdrive with its widely popular drink, OverCharge. Over 20 billion cans of OveCharge are consumed in a single day, and the company only plans to revolutionize its product even further by adding what it calls “xtremophiles.”

Beyond just the glimpse into the company, Fizzco’s website also introduces many areas you’ll be exploring in the game, each of them shaded in orange and providing a small glimpse into what they bring to Sunset City. The fast food chain Sexburger, guaranteed to lower your sex appeal like everyone else who eats there, and other parts of the game like Agua Mofeta Brewery, Cafe FizzCo, Sasquatch ‘n Friends Family Fun Center, The Content Channel, Sunset City Park and Play Area, and WonderTown Land all reek of a crude and irreverent sense of humor that doesn’t typically pop up in Insomniac games.

Take this description of the Japanese Heritage Museum, for example.

Want to delve into a lively and fascinating culture? Want to appear more sophisticated on your next date? Want to make penance for the joke that didn’t seem racist at the time, but in retrospect was pretty racist? Then get trapped in the Japanese Heritage Museum! Entrance is free, but Cherry Blossom selfies are $5 apiece.

Charming, but not the kind of humor I attribute to Insomniac.

Insomniac seems to have found its footing and sense of character again after the side-step of Fuse, and there aren’t a lot of exclusive games out there which have me more intrigued by promises of what these consoles claim they can do.

Maybe we’ll actually get to see some gameplay at E3 this year.

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