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Sprint Answers T-Mobile With New $40 Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans

by Jacob Kleinman | May 6, 2014May 6, 2014 9:30 pm PST

boost mobile Monthly Unlimited Select

Boost Mobile already offers some of the cheapest prepaid smartphone plans on the market, but today the Sprint-owned company is introducing a new set of monthly plans starting as low as $40 per month. It’s Sprint’s clear answer to T-Mobile’s recent offering. The company’s “Monthly Unlimited Select” plans also promise not to lock you unto an annual contract or hit you with roaming charges.

Monthly Unlimited Select comes in three flavors. The cheapest plan offers 500MB of 3G and 4G data for $40 per month, while $50 per month gets you 2.5GB of “high speed” data and $60 gets you 5GB of data. All three plans include unlimited talk, text and data, though once you blow through your allowance for 3G and 4G data Boost Mobile will drop you down to barely usable 2G speeds for the rest of the month. T-Mobile, which offers comparable plans, cuts you off entirely after you’ve consumed your data.

Unfortunately, Boost Mobile’s new plans don’t include the company’s shrinking payments program, which gradually lowers your monthly bill $5 at a time whenever you make six consecutive payments. It’s unclear if the company is planning to phase out shrinking payments entirely, though today’s news definitely has us thinking that could be part of Sprint’s long term plans for the prepaid carrier.

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