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Google Maps Update Adds Uber Option, Improves Driving Guidance

Google Maps remains the unmatched mobile mapping solution and on Tuesday it was updated with even more features on both iOS and Android. Most of the changes are going to be useful for city living folks who use Uber and public transit, though anyone who uses Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation in a car will also find the update helpful.

The latest iteration of Google Maps adds several features to turn-by-turn navigation for drivers, including the ability to view the distance remaining in your trip, quicker access to different routes should you need to change course while driving, the arrival time and improved lane guidance.

Meanwhile, Google now allows you to manage and view a list of all of your offline maps, a change I definitely welcome since I usually store maps offline for use while traveling on the subway. Also, if you’re taking public transit, Google Maps will now show you when the next train or bus is scheduled to arrive on the main screen — a feature that was somewhat buried before. The walking time to a train or bus stop is also now displayed.

Another unique feature Google added is the ability to choose Uber as a transit option. So if you’re trying travel somewhere and don’t like the different routes available, you can request to launch the Uber application and order a car. The Uber feature only works in some cities right now, however, and I couldn’t get it working on Android just outside of New York City.

There are several other features, including the ability to filter through restaurants by star rating and more. Head to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to update now.


Todd Haselton

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