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Google Glass to Add Google Wallet Support


Imagine for a moment, if you were able to simply look at someone and then send them money. Maybe you’re sending money to your buddy at a party after you lost a bet, or maybe, in the future, you’re sending money to the person who just delivered your pizza. That sort of future may not be as far out as you think: Google is reportedly working on Google Wallet support for Google Glass.

TechCrunch said it has learned that Google is already testing it inside its campus but that it looks like the service will hit all Google Glass owners soon. As we described above, you’ll be able to launch Google Wallet inside Google Glass by saying “send money.” No, it’s not quite smart enough to know who you’re looking at, as described above, but we’re getting there. As TechCrunch describes, you’ll likely have to move through several menus to choose who you want to send money to, how much, and when, instead of simply sending cash immediately to someone.

Google Wallet is already available across several other platforms including Android, iOS and Gmail on the computer, and these days it’s more of a Venmo or PayPal competitor than a mobile payment NFC-based tap-and-go-service that it was when it originally launched.


Todd Haselton

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