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Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Trailer Shows Our Favorite Lawyers in High-Res

by Ron Duwell | May 6, 2014May 6, 2014 8:30 pm PST

I had mentioned a little skepticism with the upcoming Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection because of its new art style. The Nintendo 3DS port of the first three games uses a graphic style that skates the middle ground between the charming pixelated sprites in the older games and the fluid and smooth 3D models found in the recent Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destines.

A new trailer released by Capcom finally shows the graphics in motion, and it looks quite nice. It doesn’t have the graceful motion of the 3D models, but it does the original sprites justice by showing off a higher resolution of the character art we’ve seen for the last 10 years. Janky motion and all, it still looks like Phoenix Wright. I still prefer the older pixelated sprites, but I also said that about Dual Destinies, and now I find it hard to go back.

Maybe this will be the best way to enjoy the games, but I wouldn’t call it a big enough improvement to indulge in if you’ve already played through the first three. If you are new to the series or just want them conveniently all on one system without need for the older cartridges, then this release might be for you if it ever gets localized.

If it proves to be just as successful as Dual Destinies, maybe we can beg the overlords at Capcom to localize the upcoming The Great Ace Attorney here in America. I know we are ignorant to Japanese history in America, but please let us play it in English, Capcom.


Ron Duwell

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