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iPhone 6 Dummy Unit Unveils Look at Possible Final Design

by Brandon Russell | May 5, 2014May 5, 2014 10:30 am PST

The massive influx of parts, dummy units and possible schematics can only mean one thing: it’s totally and unequivocally iPhone season. What seemed an isolated incident has turned into a complete avalanche of leaks—sometimes more than once a day. Want to know what the iPhone 6 looks like next to the Galaxy S5? Here you go. Next to the iPhone 5s? Done. Another possible dummy unit has popped up early Monday morning, via, pretty much locking up what the final design will look like when Apple releases the device later this year.

These pictures are pretty similar to the ones we’ve seen previously, so there’s not much to report in the way of new information. They do, however, give us a detailed look at the design; no more glass on the back, instead replaced by aluminum. It’s thinner than current models, too, and the volume buttons are now the slimmed versions present on most of Apple’s most recent mobile handsets. Meanwhile, as has been reported previously, the sleep/wake button has been re-positioned on the phone’s right side, making it easier to to press one-handed.

We’ve already seen the supposed iPhone 6 show up next to an iPhone 5s, suggesting those rumors claiming the device would sport a 4.7-inch display are true. Apple admitted it needed to go bigger in its fight against Android; the iPhone’s screen is about a full inch smaller than most of today’s biggest flagships, giving Apple users a sever lack of screen real estate compared to the competition.

Since these are simply dummy units, there’s now way of knowing if this is indeed the final design. If I was a betting man, I’d say this is close to 90-percent to what we’ll see officially unveiled when Apple makes an announcement this fall.

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