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Steve Jobs Honored By Japanese Manga Artist In a Very… Feminine Way

by Ron Duwell | May 4, 2014May 4, 2014 8:00 am PST

We’ve seen plenty of sides of  Steve Jobs over the years, but Japanese manga artist CHOCO has one you have definitely never even dreamed of before. In her manga celebrating the life of the legendary Apple CEO, the Xenosaga and  IS <Infinite Stratos> artist has given Jobs the ultimate gender bender treatment in her book Chocolate Apple, renaming him Steve Jobko.

For those not familiar with the Japanese language,”ko” is a common way to end a female’s name, meaning that yes, Steve Jobko is indeed a cute anime lady.

The doujinshi, translated as “fan manga series” and not officially tied to any kind of trademark, Chocolate Apple has been available for sale since 2011, but the recent wave of T-shirts available in Japan have been a huge hit among Apple fans. They are available on the ILLUS-T online shop for 3,750 yen (roughly $37), and they are impossible to keep in stock after selling out instantly whenever they go up for sale.

No, Chocolate Apple is not an official retelling of Steve Jobs’ life by any means obviously, nor it is supported by Apple. An actual manga adaptation of Walter Issacon’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs is getting an adaptation from Thermae Romae writer and artist Mari Yamazaki. Jobs often spoke about his love of Japan during his life, and Japan has found some sweet ways to honor his life and achievements over the years.

CHOCO’s tribute is certainly the most… interesting one yet. All I know is that I want one of those T-shirts now.

Ron Duwell

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