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Guess the Phone: Wait, This Is A Phone?

by Brandon Russell | May 3, 2014May 3, 2014 12:00 pm PST

I know why this device exists. I just don’t know anyone, personally and professionally, that’s dying to pick one up; it’s maybe an idea that was best left undeveloped, not really necessary. It appears this is more catered toward overseas markets, however, which is why we saw a new version announced without any word of a U.S. iteration. That might be for the better, though. More focus can be put on the big time flagships that have been let loose in the past few months. I don’t recall ever seeing a commercial for this handset when it launched, though I could have merely missed the marketing push.

When this device hit, it was more on the periphery, sitting on the outskirts of mid-range and flagship. You weren’t really going to pass over an HTC One or Galaxy S4 for this. But the handset was put out there anyway for anyone that was looking for a really specific feature. Although, it must be said, that came at a compromise of design and usability. I try not to pay attention to what other people use as their daily driver, because it really doesn’t make a difference to me one way or another. But I have never seen this out in the wild—not once.

I wonder how much longer we’ll see devices like this on the market. Yes, a new version of just came out, as expected. But it’s such a small niche that it probably isn’t long for this world. I could be wrong.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.