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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC Will Hit the Xbox First

by Brandon Russell | May 3, 2014May 3, 2014 2:00 pm PST

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare trailer screenshot - 18

The most predictable part of big new multi-platform gaming releases is that when DLC hits, there will be some kind of timed exclusive behind it. When Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits later this year, the first round of downloadable content will—surprise, surprise—hit the Xbox first. Via Xbox Wire, the DLC will first be released for Microsoft’s arsenal, meaning those in Sony’s corner will have to wait before joining the action. As Gamestop notes, Microsoft has been given first dibs on Call of Duty DLC since 2010; the content is typically an exclusive for a month before hitting other platforms.

It’s a disappointing fact of video games—kind of like when an app is developed first for iOS, with Android apps always “coming soon.” One month isn’t all that long to wait, but there’s always business and politics involved, even in the next generation. At this point we’re not even sure what the DLC will be, but perhaps we’ll learn more soon. Advanced Warfare is scheduled to be released on Nov. 4.

Activision was initially set to detail the next Call of Duty tomorrow, but after the trailer leaked, the official unveil was pushed up. So far we know that Kevin Spacey has a huge presence, and that the title will be set sometime in the future. We’ve seen exosuits, hoverbikes, energy weapons and all kinds of advanced technology. The Call of Duty franchise has been phoning it in for awhile now. But with a new console generation upon us, perhaps this latest entry can show us the game is back to form.

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