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Windows Phone 8.1 File Manager Coming In May

by Todd Haselton | May 2, 2014May 2, 2014 3:00 pm PST


It’s pretty wild that a lot of smartphones don’t have easily accessible file managers out of box. The iPhone is a perfect example of a device without a real usable file manager, and Windows Phone used to be another example. The latter is about to change with a new update to Windows Phone 8.1, according to Windows Phone head Joe Belfiore who recently answered questions during a Reddit AMA.

Here’s his response to a question asked by one participant:

WOO HOO! SOMEONE ASKED THIS QUESTION!! I’ve been waiting! in fact, I’ve avoided tweeting on this very topic just for all you redditors. Seriously.

in fact– you GET A CORTANA T-SHIRT FOR ASKING!! 🙂 (PM me your size and we’ll get it to you.)

*** YES *** We are doing a File Manager for WP8.1! I know a LOT of you are looking for this (thanks for the tweets, I’ve read them all). In fact, I’ve been running a build of it on two of my phones for the last week or so and it’s getting to pretty good shape.

Belfiore said the file manager will “hopefully” be released to Windows Phone 8.1 by the end of May, and he even released the above screenshots showing how it will work. For most folks, managing files between the SD card and a phone’s internal storage will be a very welcome change.

Windows Phone 8.1 is still just a developer preview release and the final build is set to release sometime this summer. We’ve detailed how you can get it up and running now, so follow our guide if you’re interested in checking out the new features.

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