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OnePlus Revises “Smash the Past” Contest Rules

by Jacob Kleinman | May 2, 2014May 2, 2014 2:00 pm PST

OnePlus One Press Image - 1

Asking 100 people to smash their current smartphones in exchange for the new OnePlus One may have seemed like marketing gold at one point, but the contest quickly hit a speed bump when critics noted that destroying all those perfectly good phones was pretty wasteful. In response, the Chinese company revised its contest today, announcing that all winners will be given the choice to smash their phones as planned or donate the devices to Medic Mobile instead.

Medic Mobile is a non-profit organization which takes old smartphones and passes them on to doctors and healthcare workers around the world who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the technology. OnePlus is encouraging contest winners to donate their old phones, but either way you’ll still be able to buy the OnePlus One for $1 as soon as you part ways with your current handset.

The company notes that over 140,000 smartphone fans entered the contest, leaving OnePlus with the difficult task of choose just 100 winners. Some of the most creative submissions for destroying an old handset included playing tennis with it, shooting it with a potato gun, cooking it in a pot of pasta, turning a flamethrower on it and even using ninja throwing stars. We’d definitely enjoy seeing these ideas put to action, though we do agree it would be a shame if all those smartphones went to waste.


Jacob Kleinman

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