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Lumia 520 Blocks Bullet to Save Off-Duty Cop

by Jacob Kleinman | May 2, 2014May 2, 2014 11:30 am PST

lumia 520 bullet

Say what you will about Nokia’s penchant for rugged boxy design, but one Portuguese police officer has the Lumia 520 to thank for saving his life. The company’s popular mid-range smartphone managed to deflect a bullet aimed at an off-duty Sao Paulo cop this week, though the Windows Phone wasn’t as lucky as its owner.

The officer was unexpectedly caught in the middle of a hostage situation involving his own mother, who was reportedly grabbed off the street in front of her home by a pair of criminals. One took her inside the house while the second stayed outside, only to run into the policeman on his way home to drop off a uniform for cleaning. The criminal quickly fired off two shots, only hitting his target with one bullet which ended up lodged in the Lumia 520 located in the officer’s back pocket. In the ensuing chaos the thieves escaped with stolen cell phones, watches, jewelry and cash.

The smartphone was apparently broken beyond repair, giving its life to save the police officer from what could have been a very painful gunshot. It’s unclear if Nokia will replace his Lumia 520, potentially following the precedent set by HTC last year when its EVO 3D saved a Florida man’s life during an armed robbery.

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