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Apple Wants More Product Placement, On the Hunt for “Buzz Marketing Manager”

by Brandon Russell | May 2, 2014May 2, 2014 4:30 pm PST


That selfie heard ’round the world is starting an all-out marketing war. A new job listing posted by Apple shows the company is on a hunt for a “Buzz Marketing Manager,” presumably in response to Samsung’s recent success in getting its devices into the hands of high-profile users. The job listing was first spotted on Thursday (and is still up), detailing a position that would, among other responsibilities, ensure Apple products get exposure in film and television. Earlier this year, Samsung hit a marketing home run with that Oscars selfie, which was taken with a Galaxy Note III.

The irony is that many high-profile folks already do use the iPhone, even when they’re associated with a competing brand. Ellen Degeneres, for example, used an iPhone backstage during the Oscars despite using a Note III during her hosting duties. Alicia Keys, meanwhile, pulled a similar move after becoming the Important Unnecessary Title for BlackBerry. Apple’s marketing manager, however, won’t just make sure high-profile individuals are using its phone, but flaunting them on film and TV.

I think we can all strongly agree that product placement is terrible. One recent example that stood out to me was in Parks and Recreation, where Windows 8 devices were rampant; it tarnished the show for me slightly because it was so blatantly obvious. (I have nothing against Windows Phone 8, or Microsoft, for that matter. But it was something I noticed.) Other core responsibilities of the Buzz Marketing Manager includes building and maintaing relationships with “high-profile influencers” and collaborating with Apple retail.

Samsung isn’t just Apple’s biggest rival when it comes to sales, but in the marketing space. Not only did Samsung sponsor the Oscars, but it had a huge presence at the 2014 Olympics, and it has a very visible relationship with LeBron James of the Miami Heat, releasing a Galaxy-exclusive app this week focusing on the basketball phenom. Apple’s stature has taken a hit over the last several months despite having terrific earnings. So, it seems, that just means the company’s answer is to put more Apple in your film and TV.

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