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Apple Not Expected To Unveil Revamped Apple TV or iWatch At WWDC, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | May 2, 2014May 2, 2014 1:30 pm PST


Echoing a report suggesting Apple’s upcoming WWDC would focus mainly on software, sources speaking with Re/code said no iWatch or Apple TV are expected at the event. The absence of Apple’s mythical iWatch is easier to stomach considering we only have some key hires to suggest the company is getting into wearables. But an updated set-top box is something we’ve expected for months now, and each successive report says it’s being pushed back. First it was this spring. Now sources are saying to wait until sometime this fall—or even later.

In fact, Tim Cook isn’t even expected to talk about the Apple TV’s revamped software, which is reportedly being developed in conjunction with iOS 8. On that note, sources speaking with 9to5Mac said earlier this week that WWDC in June will focus mainly on a redesign coming to OS X 10.10, which will introduce some of the aesthetics we saw unveiled in iOS 7. Meanwhile, Apple might give developers a glimpse at its rumored Healthbook app, which is part of the company’s larger push into the health market.

Over the past few years, Apple has refrained from announcing new hardware at WWDC, and instead focuses mainly on software; makes sense, too, since it’s an event geared toward developers. That said, Tim Cook has promised this year will be a big year for new product categories—promises we heard last year, and promises that Cook continues to repeat in interviews.

Many of Apple’s rumored products are allegedly in development, but we still have no hard evidence suggesting when they’ll become a reality. The iPhone 6, however, has come more into focus in recent weeks, with glimpses of possible dummy units showing up overseas. Aside from that, it’s hard to nail down what to expect. One rumor says one thing, and another suddenly says something different. One thing’s for sure: Apple will be under the microscope more than ever when WWDC kicks off next month.


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