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Another iPhone 6 Dummy Unit Appears Online Next To Galaxy S5

by Brandon Russell | May 2, 2014May 2, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Now that supposed schematics of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 have been let loose, a number of dummy units have been created in an effort to approximate what a finished model would look like. We saw a near-finished model put together the other day, and now another has been snapped on camera, giving us a clear look at the device’s supposed (but probably) design. For good measure, the dummy unit has been placed next to the Galaxy S5 for a quick size comparison

With an expected 4.7-inch display, the device is obviously shorter and narrower than the S5, though not by much. Because the iPhone still relies on a physical home button, this unit is stretched out to account for that space, ultimately making the iPhone taller. It’s weird; because of the rounded edges, when looking at the unit from a top down view, it almost looks the Moto X—that’s just something I noticed.

On the backside, the shell looks like other dummy units we’ve seen, with aluminum top and bottom slats in place of glass, and the edges now rounded up toward the glass, instead of being surrounded by a flat metal band; it’s like an iPod touch/iPad mini or iPhone 5c. Meanwhile, you can see the power button has been moved to the phone’s right side, while the volume rocker uses the slimmer oval buttons, rather than the small circular ones.

At this rate, chances are we’ll know almost everything about the iPhone 6 before it’s unveiled (presumably) this fall. In addition to a larger screen, rumors suggest it’ll sport an A8 chip, 8-megapixel EIS camera and a thinner all-aluminum design. If it’s like what you see above, it’ll be familiar, but hugely welcome for those hoping for a bigger screened iPhone.

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