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Sony, Samsung Head to Retail War in Best Buy

Microsoft, Samsung and even Google have all used Best Buy to push products, setting up mini-stores within the retail chain stocked with the latest products and specially trained salesmen. Today, Sony announced its intentions to get in on the action, while Samsung also said it will expand its existing footprint. Sounds like quite a retail war to us.

Sony said it will launch 350 new Sony Experience “shop-in-shops” to showcase TVs, speakers systems and even the PS4. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the Xperia line of tablets and smartphones will be featured at Sony’s new Best Buy kiosks, at least not for now. The Japanese company hasn’t had a ton of success selling its Xperia Z lineup here in the U.S., so it makes sense if Sony wants to focus on its best-selling products to start. Then again, a recent leak has us thinking the Xperia Z2 could be headed to Verizon, so maybe the flagship handset will be on display in some form at Best Buy in the near future.

Samsung also had some Best Buy-related news to share today, revealing plans to highlight new Ultra HD TVs including several new curved models at its own Samsung Entertainment Experience areas inside Best Buy locations, complete with Samsung-trained Best Buy associates. The company plans to feature its TV sets at 500 Best Buy locations, meaning Samsung and Sony may be facing off at electronics stores across the country in the very near future.

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