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HTC One (M8) Reportedly Launching in Red, Blue and Pink Variants

by Jacob Kleinman | May 1, 2014May 1, 2014 3:00 pm PST

Thinking of picking up the HTC One (M8)? It might be worth holding off for just a bit longer, but only if you prefer a colorful version of the flagship handset over the original black, silver and gold models. According to @evleaks, who’s pretty reliable with this sort of thing, HTC is planning to release red, blue and pink versions of the One (M8).

Today’s rumor comes soon after HTC and Sprint announced a special edition of the One (M8) with Harman Kardon audio. Is it possible the three remaining major U.S. carriers are also getting exclusive variants? Red, blue and pink do match Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile’s respective colors. Harman Kardon signed an exclusive deal with Sprint though, so we’re not sure how these new M8 models will be different from the original beyond a fresh coat of paint. Either way, the rumor lines up with HTC’s releases last year, when it ended up selling several colors of the One (M7), including gold, blue and red.

No matter which color you end up picking for the One (M8) you can’t really go wrong. HTC has designed another impressive smartphone inside and out, packing the device with the latest high-end specs encased in a stunning metal frame. There’s no word on when these new M8 variants will hit the market, or in what market, so if you’re dying to upgrade your smartphone as soon as possible it might not be worth holding out to see if this rumor proves true.


Jacob Kleinman

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